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30-Day Lifestyle Change


It's All About Y.O.U!

January 31, 2023

30 Days of Healthy eating, moving, heart-healing, loving, laughing, and of course pooping your way to the Best Y.O.U

A 30-day lifestyle change designed to take you on a journey of wellness and self-discovery to renew not just the body, but mind and spirit!

Start Today and Get

Detox 4 Y.O.U Book

Your 30-Day Lifestyle Journal (printable)

A Guide to Prayer & Meditation (print)

Joyful Health (bonus chapter)

Digestive Enzyme

Colon Cleanse

Vitamin D (Mct oil & Mk-7)

pH Sticks

Accountability & Support

Your Detox Challenge Also Includes

30-Days of Guided Instruction and Inspirational (audio)

Meal Plan (printable)

Weekly (live) check-ins along with Special Guest (health & wellness experts) with Q & A Sessions

A Guide to Prayer & Meditation (video)

Does this sound like Y.O.U? Sign up for this Challenge

Y.O.U need to get unstuck

Y.O.U need a reset

Y.O.U need clarity about your health

Y.O.U need to detox emotionally

Y.O.U need to detox physically

Y.O.U need to get a spiritual reset

Y.O.U need to gain more confidence

Y.O.U need to just get started

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Meet Liana

Certified Trichologist, Certified Iridologist, Holistic Practitioner

Liana is a Lifestylist serving the beauty industry for over 30 years. Since then, she has been styling hair for Sony Records, BET “Rip the Runway”, Fashion Week, as an educator for Avlon (Affirm) Hair Care, John Atchison, and James Harris and Hair Fashion Group. After graduating college in Toronto, Canada and modelling, she moved to California where she was exposed to a “new” holistic lifestyle. Liana understands and assesses her client’s personal, professional goals and needs to assist them to uncover the best choices for their beauty and wellness…and most importantly their “own uniqueness”. As a holistic practitioner she uses iridology to get to the root cause of her clients hair loss issues.

*This is process, it takes committment, there is pre-work form to fill out. If your camera can't be on during classes let's do another class together at another time. (PLEASE READ)

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